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Bias in FCQ’s

Hosted by: Kellie Ferguson FCQ’s (Faculty Course Questionnaires) are a great place to gather information about your teaching. But recent studies have revealed a significant amount of bias in student responses. In this episode, we will explore who is impacted and some strategies to help mitigate biased responses on FCQ’s.  download this episode’s infographic download … Continue reading Bias in FCQ’s

Combating Microaggressions with Microaffirmations

Hosted by: Aaron Schips Did you know that microaggressions are considered commonplace and routine for women and people of color? If you’re not sure what microaggressions are, or why they’re such a big deal, tune in to this podcast where we’ll be exploring how you can use microaffirmations to combat microaggressions in the classroom.  download … Continue reading Combating Microaggressions with Microaffirmations

Creating Inclusive Office Hours

Hosted by: Aaron Schips Did you know that low self-esteem can be a driving factor in student hesitancy to attend office hours? In this podcast, we will explore why office hours are so important, and offer some easy strategies you can use to switch up how you conduct them. download this episode’s infographic Hi this … Continue reading Creating Inclusive Office Hours

Equitable Classroom Practices

Hosted by: Aaron Schips In this podcast, we will explore some quick ways you can improve classroom equity. As the leader of your classroom, you can affect change by recognizing everybody deserves an equal shot at representation, interaction, and access to class content. download this episode’s infographic Hi, this is Aaron Schips, an Instructional Designer … Continue reading Equitable Classroom Practices

Exploring Adobe with Vincent Fu

Hosted by: Kady Katona In this podcast you’ll discover what it’s like to use Adobe products as a student and why everyone should start giving Adobe Express a try. download this episode’s infographic Follow along with the lead up and questions I ask Vincent Fu, a medical student at CU Anschutz, who is also an … Continue reading Exploring Adobe with Vincent Fu